Heckin’ Concerned Podcast Survey

Heckin’ Concerned Media is growing into a podcast production studio that makes podcasts by creators from CALD communities and marginalised communities that are underrepresented in our media. We are on a mission to make Australia’s media landscape truly representative of our diversity.

We’re conducting a podcast listener survey to understand what our listeners feel about diversity representation in the media, and to learn more about their podcast listening habits so we can give them content they really care about.

Your voice matters to us!

Clicking on the button above will take you to a Google Form with 11 questions. Some questions are about you, and some are about your podcast listening preferences. All questions are optional.
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Survey results

These results will be updated every time the survey records 100 new responses.

Age of respondents (%)

Podcast listeners aged 26 – 35 years are the highest represented age group.

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Identity markers

More than 50.2% of respondents identified themselves by an intersection of the following identity markers

  1. Person of colour
  2. Person who belongs to LGBTQIA+ and/or gender diverse communities
  3. Person living with a disability
  4. Person from culturally and linguistically diverse Australian community
  5. Immigrant or child of immigrants
There is no data as yet about listeners who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in this survey. We are working on getting greater participation in the survey from this community. 

Opinion on representation in media (%)

Participants were asked:
Do you see yourself represented in mainstream Australian print, broadcast, and podcast media?”

Out of 115 respondents, most feel that they see themselves in the media sometimes, but not in an authentic way.

The data sets collected include:

  1. Yes, I often see people, stories, and content that reflects my experiences
  2. No, I don’t see myself represented in most media
  3. Yes, I see myself represented, but not other kinds of diversity around me
  4. Yes, I see myself sometimes, but not authentically – it’s whitewashed/politicised/ tokenised

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Opinion on impact of lack of representation (%)


Participants were asked:
“How do you feel about the issue of insufficient/ biased/ inaccurate representation of people like you, in media?”

Out of 114 respondents, most are bothered by the lack in representation because it contributes to systemic inequities.

The data sets collected include:

  1. It doesn’t bother me/ I haven’t thought about it
  2. I don’t like it, but I’m worried about more important things
  3. It bothers me because it contributes to systemic inequities

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Podcast wishlist

Participants were asked:

What’s one (or more) podcast that you wish existed, but doesn’t exist yet (or you can’t find it)?

 The following words are most commonly represented among 72 current responses, in various combinations:

  • queer
  • South Asian
  • diverse
  • comedy
  • fiction
  • disabled
  • sex
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